We are a powerful partner

These days, a lot of companies try to define themselves through their compliance rules. We, too, have evaluated matters of compliance and arrived at the conclusion that our company has already been acting based on the correct ethical, moral, and ecological metrics for years. However, these codices were not created on a piece of paper in hours of meetings with business consultants, but have actually been present from the start – in the heads and hearts of our employees. In order for you to be able to get an overview of our philosophy, we have listed some items below:

Our objective is to be an always reliable partner to our customers and to pursue a future-oriented, sustainable business strategy in this. This results in long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers, and our employees. The executive management and all employees are in terms of business values oriented towards high quality solutions, short communication paths, decisiveness and the promoting of innovations. Inquiries, offers, and complaints as well as all other work-related processes are handled thoroughly and quickly in all departments. Agreed upon deadlines are met. We consider it our obligation to not only ensure the discipline-specific processes but to also bring together all individual objectives across disciplines and in an interlocking fashion. We place emphasis on the continuing education and further education as well as the motivation of our employees. The rules and regulations we adopted serve to promote our employees’ autonomous work, with the objective to be able to complete process-related tasks in a manner that is both time-efficient and cost-efficient. This is also reflected in our flat hierarchy.

We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment; accordingly, it is our obligation to continuously improve our environmental performance and to provide all resources necessary for the protection of the environment. We commit ourselves to comply with binding obligations, to protect the environment, and to be customer-oriented. Environmental management is an important component of our activities. We plan all transports to ensure an efficient utilisation of our trucks with respect to reducing emissions and to reduce fuel consumption.

Our notion of management as well as the attitude of all employees of our company regarding quality, environmental and occupational protection are prerequisite to the satisfaction of our customers and of other, external interested parties, and therewith for the sustained success of our company.

Certified quality

Our processes have been certified both in the are of quality management as well as in the area of environmental management.

Our Team

Christian Schulz

Company founder and owner of Carcompare, Christian Schulz e. K.

E-mail: christian.schulz(at)carcompare.net
Phone: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-0
Fax: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-10

Tanja Schulz

Assistance to executive management, controlling accounting, billing, and dunning

E-mail: tanja.schulz(at)carcompare.net
Phone: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-12
Fax: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-10

Ronny Brandenburg

Point of contact for vehicle logistics, vehicle procurements, and parts procurement.

E-mail: ronny.brandenburg(at)carcompare.net
Phone: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-13
Fax: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-10

Pascal Wittebrock

Point of contact for vehicle logistics, vehicle procurements, and parts procurement.

E-mail: pascal.wittebrock(at)carcompare.net
Phone: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-11
Fax: +49(0)201 – 82 18 8-10