The vehicle of your dreams – when and where you want it

Do you need a comparison model or a certain vehicle with specified equipment?
Do you want to test or check a newly developed part on the most diverse of models?

One of our core competencies is the procurement of vehicles of any brand for test and comparison purposes with virtually any equipment. We organise the vehicle of your dreams and make it available for your purposes, on time, at virtually any location in Europe. Thanks to our decades of activity in the automotive sector, we are now a fixed component of comprehensive network consisting of automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. Within the network, we have access to any configurationimaginable, which enables us to guarantee a maximum procurement quota to our customers. In this, it does not matter for how long the vehicles will be needed. Whether it’s for a few hours or weeks or months is not relevant – our customers simply rent them for the necessary duration of use. Of course, there’s also the option to provide researched vehicles to our customers for purchase.

Looking for assemblies?

Quite often, complete vehicles are not even needed for test and research purposes, but rather only individual parts or assemblies.
For this, too, we are your point of contact and we help you in the procurement and timely delivery to any destination within Europe. Thanks to our excellent networking within the automotive industry, we have access to virtually all available vehicle parts, accessory and replacement parts as well as vehicle-specific assemblies.

It runs and runs and runs ...

Endurance runs, i.e., long distance tests in defined environments, constitute a lot of stress for many research and development teams. In this, long distances must be travelled in the shortest amount of time, e.g. 20,000 km in 6 weeks. We gladly support you and your team in the organisation and carrying out of these tests. It does not play any role whether this is to take place on proving grounds or public roads. Our specialised drivers ensure a smooth course of the test ride, in accordance with your specification, and creating the required documentation.