Vehicle logistics to perfection

Any time, any place – that’s the premise of our vehicle logistics. In the years past, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the transport of vehicle. Neither vehicle size nor distance play any role in this. Whether a passenger car has to be brought to Almería or a tractor unit to Arjeplog, our steadily growing fleet of transporters is providing for a delivery that is secure and on-time. We can, of course, also move whole fleets of vehicles this way. With our special vehicles, our trained personnel is ensuring a smooth transport and by means of GPS tracking, our customers can always have an eye of the current location of their objects.

But cars are not all alike. Therefore, we have a fitting solution available for any requirement. For the transport of sensitive vehicles like one of a kind pieces, high-value old-timers or pre-series models, for example, we are utilising our discrete, closed transporters. In accordance with our corporate image, it is a matter of course for us to only be using state-of-the-art vehicles that comply with the EURO 6 emissions standard.